Kitâbü’l-kavâidi’l-külliyye fî cümletin mine’l-fünûni’l-ilmiyye


Muhammed b. Mahmûd el-İsfehânî, Kitâbü’l-kavâidi’l-külliyye fî cümletin mine’l-fünûni’l-ilmiyye
(Shams al-dīn Muhammed b. Mahmūd al-Isfahānī, Kitāb al-qawā‘id al-kulliyya fī jumlatin min al-funūn al-‘ilmiyya)
(critical ed. Mansur Koçinkağ, Bilal Taşkın)



Published within the framework of the Late Classical Project, this book was written by Shams al-dīn Muhammed b. Mahmūd al-Isfahānī (d. 688/1289) to prepare compendia (mukhtasars) for students in logic, ilm al khilaf, usul al-Fiqh and usul al-Din. Student of al-Abhari, the author of Isagoge, al-Isfahānī benefited from his teacher’s work in logic and put out a finer, improved text. As for the ilm al khilaf section, he followed Amīdī’s method and made use of his students’ works. Section on usul al-Fiqh is like an abridgement of Rāzi’s Mahsūl with some modifications. Although Al-Isfahānī mentions many of Rāzi’s thought, he criticizes his opinions from time to time. In the section on usul al-Din, the author handles the subjects as an Ash`ari kalam scholar and uses the tahqiq method that Rāzi developed.
1438/2017**, 29+419 pgs.
ISBN: 978-975-389-962-8
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**This edition of the work is published among the Late Classical Period Project outputs.



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