Ebû Şekûr es-Sâlimî, et-Temhîd fî beyâni’t-tevhîd


Ebû Şekûr es-Sâlimî, et-Temhîd fî beyâni’t-tevhîd
(Abu Shakūr al-Sālimī, (al-Tamhīd fī bayān al-tawḥīd))
(critical ed. Ömür Türkmen)
The first product of the Early Classical Period Project is al-Tamhīd fī bayān al-tawḥīd written by Ebu Shakur as-Salimi, a Hanafite scholar lived in 5th/11th century. Although it is written relatively in an early era, the book contains all subjects of ilahiyyāt, sam’iyyāt and nubuwwāt of a classical kalam book. This book is one of the few books which contains the thoughts of Hanafi and Māturidi scholars on faith and kalam as well as counter opinions and responses around the subjects mentioned in the book. Although written in a Hanafi-Māturidi climate, the book never refers to Māturidi’s opinions. The author ascribed opinions of Ahl as-Sunna on the issues he evaluated, mostly to a narrow jurists of Hanafi scholars, unlike the typical writing in classic thought of kalam. From this point of view, the work sheds light on the conception of Ahl as-Sunna among the Hanafi jurists of Khurasan and Ma wara’un-nahr.
İstanbul: İSAM Publications, 2017,42+438 pgs.
 ISBN 978-975-389-895-9
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* This edition was published in the framework of the Early Classical Period Project.

































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