Ebû Zekeriyyâ Yahyâ b. Ömer el-Kinânî el-Endelüsî, 

(Abu Zakariyyâ Yaḥyá ibn ʻUmar Kinānī Andalusī, Aḥkām al-sūq)

ed. İsmâil Hâlidî

This book by Andalusian Maliki jurist al-Kinānī (d. 289/902) is considered the first independent book written on the rules and regulations of the markets and the organization of hisba. It is an important source reflecting the social and economic life of the time by introducing information about the services provided by city authorities (municipality), the relationship between the employers and the employees, units of measurements, various professionals, black-marketeering, prices, price fixing, exchanging money, quality control, games and ways of entertainment, and the role of women in daily life

The book was published jointly by Rābiṭatu’l Muḥammediyye li’l Ulemā and Dāru Ibn Hazm in Beirut. 
2011, 263 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-5586-49-2
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