Umayyads (661-750)

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Umayyads, founded in Damascus by Mu’awiya b. Abu Sufyan and lived for 90 years, was the first dynastical state in the Islamic History. The Umayyad period is well-known with the transition of the office of caliphate into a dynasty as well as with fight against opposing groups and conquests gained outside.
In this period, in which Istanbul was sieged for several times, the boundaries of the state have stretched from Turkistan to inner France and from Anatolia to India thanks to the conquests gained in east and west, thus spreading Islam rapidly in this vast land.
The Umayyad period, in which studies in the field of Islamic sciences increased, and consequently led to increased number in the production of the books, witnessed the emergence of the first political and sectarian movements as well. The foundations of Islamic art was also laid in this period.
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