Fatih Yahya AYAZ


This work deals with Mamluks, which was one of the largest Muslim-Turkish states in history, protected the western part of Islamic geography from Mongol invasion, and eliminated the Crusader states in Syrian region. Book points out the distinguishing features of Mamluk state such as inexistence of stable dynasty system in it and having a strong cavalry founded in accordance with Mamluk system that defeated the Mongols.
The direct influences of the organizations and institutions established by Mamluks, particularly the ones in the scholarly fields, on Ottoman Empire, and the Ottomans’ consideration of the Mamluks for a long time as “high authority” are among the subjects of this book. Despite the aforementioned features of the Mamluk state, it has not received the attention it deserves in our country. To increase the level of recognition of the Mamluks in Turkey and encourage the researchers who work in this field are among the main objectives of this study.
2015, 218 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-4829-23-1
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