Ibn al-Arabi


Mahmud Erol KILIÇ


Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi, who lived in the 12th-13th centuries, was not only a ground breaking sufi master, but also the author of an extensive corpus which carry projections of a large ontological construction by his epistemological and ontological theories. Ibn al-Arabi, who has a unique place by the ontological construction he realized not only in the history of Sufism but also in the history of Islamic thought, has a mentality that can guide modern people in their adventure of making sense of the painful existence.
This monographic work which focuses on the life and thoughts of Ibn al-Arabi, one of the turning points of Islamic intellectual history, and tries to present to its reader the products of his life journey starting in Andalusia, then continuing in Hijaz and Anatolia and ending in Damascus through a comprehensible language. This book, which is formed by the texts penned by prof. Mahmud Erol Kılıç, an expert in the field, preludes to the ideas that will aid the modernof himself and his existence.

2018, 268 pgs. 
ISBN 978-975-389-918-5 


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