The Abbasids rose to power by bringing the Umayyad reign to an end with a revolution that has been described as a definitive turning point in the history of Islam. The Abbasids’ accession to power, who reigned for over 500 years, bringing with them many changes in political, social, cultural and religious construct.
This study, which aims to provide a historical account of the Abbasid period for those who are curious about the history of Islam, is designed to cover the political history of the Abbasid period, as well as topics related to culture&civilization. While analyzing the outlines of the Abbasid history, this book exhibits an approach that presents the period in a chronological stream and centers around the major events and facts that constitute the basic Dynamics of the era, rather than a caliph-centered narrative style.
2018, 304 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-896-6
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