Hermeneutics in Religion, Science and Art


Burhanettin TATAR


The most distinctive quality of hermeneutic thinking which distinguishes it other various schools of thought, such as the conceptual analysis of an object, linguistic depiction of an historical phenomenon, or attempt to validate a religious fate in terms of Philosophy-Kalām, is the thought that accepts existence as a dual process that always creates and to solve the historical crisis or a particular problem. To the author, no way of thinking can have an authentic perspective unless it adequately addresses the existential problem or crisis. Otherwise, ideologies which supersede reality, cause existence to surrender to thought, and hence detach us from reality, are revered as “thought”.
The hermeneutic endeavor, in this aspect, is an effort to understand progress as a process in which each authentic thinking experience tries to overcome the existential crisis, drawing attention to the deep damage inflicted on societies by revering some ways of thinking or ideologies.
2014, 205 pgs.
ISBN 978-605-4829-13-2
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