ENDÜLÜS (Andalusia)



Today, as in the past, the name Andalusia arouses interest in the Islamic world. However, this interest stems more from sentiment than it from knowledge about Andalusia. In anyone of the muslim countries, including Türkiye, one can witness that whenever a person hears the name Andalusia, they are suddenly overcome by both sadness and admiration. For the Muslim consciousness, the culture and civilization of the Andalusians are remembered with admiration, while the complete loss of this nation is remembered with grief. 

Since 1492, Andalusia has been a “paradise lost” for Muslims. For every Muslim land which faces foreign occupation, Muslims feel the fear of Andalusation. Accordingly, there is no emotional indifference towards Andalusia. Yet, it is difficult to say that there have been sufficient efforts to study, analyze and understand the history of Andalusia. In other words, though there has been sufficient mourning for Andalusia, there have not been enough effrts to rediscover it.

For the Islamic world, making a persistent and effective move to compete with other civilizations is only possible if Muslims form a healthy connection with their past. This book, concentrating on the history of Andalusia, is written to pave the way for such efforts.
2018, 415 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-864-5

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