TÜRKLER VE İSLÂM TASAVVURU (Turks and Conception of Islam)


Sönmez KUTLU


 The Islamization of Turkish communities who met Islam in a very early period was realized in centuries. The Battle of Talas and the developments that took place after it were the events lived at the beginning of that process. The early experience of Turkish people with Islam happened through conquests. Various Muslim denominations and Sufi orders played an important role on the Turks’ understanding of Islam and their religiosity. After they embraced Islam, Turkic communities experienced a significant and deeply rooted cultural transformation in their history. After they adopted God’s divine message, they internalized it and turned it into an inseparable part of their culture. Turkic people played an important role on the destiny and future of Muslim communities for a millennium by means of the religious, cultural, political, and social institutions they developed. They developed a religiosity centered on ethics unique to themselves by means of their new and unique interpretations on religious texts written in every aspect of life.



2018, 376 pgs.
ISBN 978-975-389-794-5
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