The 2nd International Ottoman Turkish Critical-Edition Course! Application Deadline: 4th of June 2018


The 2nd International Ottoman Turkish Critical-Edition Course will be organized within the scope of Late Classical Period Project of the Centre for Islamic Studies. From 26th of June to 7th of July 2018 participants will receive training from the experts, consisting of the necessary knowledge and skills to study on Critical-Editing of manuscripts in Ottoman Turkish. Throughout the course, participants will be given theory-oriented seminars followed by practise-oriented seminars every day. At the end of the course, participants will be expected to submit a work on Critical-Edition regarding the training. Those who have perfect attendance and meet the requirements of the practice stage will be awarded a certificate.

Course Subjects

• History and theory of Critical-Edition
• Science ethics
• Primary resources (biographical, bibliographical, encyclopaedias)
• Selection of subject, manuscript and edition (copy)
• Palaeography information, history of writings and writing types (illumination, miniature, manuscript knowledge, binding, paper, ink)
• In-manuscript records (darkanār, qaid al-farāgh, istinsākh and fawāid)
• Sings and inscriptions on how to read a manuscript (aruz prosody)
• Composing edition genealogy and characterisation of an edition
• Work type-setting, verse form and type knowledge
• Transcription, spelling and punctuation
• Display of variation (apparatus, variant, rules and practises)
• Iktibās, Quotation of Persian and Arabic patterns
• Text restoration and text intervention cases
• Prosody, rhyme, repeated noise knowledge, assonance, alliteration, parallelism
• Construction and publication tradition of prosaic works
• Inter-language translation

Important Notes About the Course

1) Application and Admission: Applicants who are enrolled into an MA, MSc or PhD program may submit an application for the course. Those who are currently studying on the Critical-Edition of an Ottoman Turkish will be prioritized. For those who are doing their masters will be expected to be in their dissertation year.

2) Course Language: All courses will be in Turkish. Applicants are expected to be qualified in reading manuscripts in different Ottoman Turkish styles.

3) Practice Stage: In this stage of the course applicants will practice Critical-Editing on a selected section of a manuscript. Therefore, applicants will be expected to have a laptop and use transcription signs.

4) Course Fee: The applicants will not be asked any fee for the course.

5) Transportation, Accommodation and Meals: Applicants’ transportation and accommodation expenses will not be compensated by ISAM. Lunch will be provided by ISAM to applicants during the course duration.

6) Announcement of Results: The applicants will be informed via e-mail about the results. Make sure your contact information written in the application form is correct and up to date.

Dates of Application             : 21 May – 4 June 2018

Announcement of Results     : 8 June 2018

Course Duration                  : 26 June – 7 July 2018

Course Time                       : 9.00  – 17.00 (From Monday to Saturday)

Course Location                  : ISAM Campus

Contact                              :

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