Electronic Publications Projects

Electronic Publications Projects

The aim of this umbrella project is to ease the process of reaching the sources needed for researchers studying in the areas of Islamic studies, humanities, and social studies via internet. The databases, shortly described below and most of which can be reached through the website of ISAM, are being continuously updated: 

1. Database of Turkish Libraries

In this database, there are bibliographic records of a total of 709.000 manuscripts and printed works from 122 different libraries, including primarily the manuscript libraries in Istanbul. 

2. Database for Theses

This database has been formed in order to assist researchers by collecting bibliographic information from theses concerning social sciences written in universities located within Turkey. In this constantly updated database, there are 286,000 identified theses at present and it is open to researchers on ISAM’s local network.  

3. Database for Articles 

The total sum of articles in the Database for Articles, which also contains the articles in the Turkey Bibliography of Articles (1923-2003), has reached 837,000.
Work to enrich the database continues through the inclusion of articles related to social sciences and the offprints in our library. While the database is open to researchers on ISAM’s local network, it is also possible to make subject-based search via email if desired.   

4. Database for Articles in Islamic Studies

This database, which consists of not only symposium and congress presentations, but also of academic periodicals published primarily by Theology faculties, various publishers, and institutions, includes the bibliographical records of articles along with the full texts of 25,832 articles in PDF format. The total number of bibliographical records in the database has reached 26,819 including 2,642 bibliographical records uploaded in 2013. The database is also accessible via the internet for users’ convenience.  

5. Database for Theses in Theology Faculties

This database is comprised of approximately 15,055 completed or on-going master and doctoral theses composed in Theology faculties since 1953. The main aim of this database is to make those theses which are currently being written known to researchers while also preventing researchers from writing on the same topic.
This database is continuously updated via our correspondence with Theology faculties and the Thesis Center of YÖK (The Council of Higher Education). The database is accessible via the internet for users’ convenience.

6. Documentation Database

This database, whose goal is to share the documentation files used during the writing of the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam with researchers, was completed in 2013. As a result, the number of documentation files in PDF format in this database has reached a total of 13,008. The process of adding new sources to the database via new searches is scheduled to continue.

7. Database for Articles in Ottoman Turkish

This database consists of articles from Ottoman magazines on history, literature, and Islamic studies, which, by year 2013 included more than 13,064 articles with their full texts in PDF format. The database is continuously updated with new articles constantly added.

8. Database for Old Treatises in Ottoman Turkish

This database consists of old treatises in Ottoman Turkish about history, literature, and Islamic studies and it includes approximately 2,500 old treatises with their full texts in PDF format. The database is continuously updated and new treaties are constantly added to it.   

9. Database for Ottoman Annuals

The database for Ottoman Annuals in the ISAM Library was put into service in 2013. This database includes Ottoman state and province annuals (sālnāmes) and currently has 532 works in PDF format.




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