Late Classical Period Project

Up to the present day, academic studies regarding religious and scientific thought produced in the Islamic world have focused on the first six centuries (until the 12th century). The intellectual heritage accumulated between the 12th and 19th centuries, the period we consider as “the Late Classical Period” of Islamic civilization, however, have not received the scholarly attention it deserves. Since the late classical period of the Islamic civilization has not been studied enough, the knowledge about the intellectual and scientific contributions of the scholars of these seven centuries to the history of human kind is very limited.  

The project will shed light not only on a specific period of the history of Islamic civilization but also on a very important era of the human history. ISAM aims at carrying out an umbrella project which is centered upon this period and which includes many sub-projects. This umbrella project will provide new possibilities and research fields to the researchers in Muslim world and will lead to the production of more fruitful works. It will also enable the heritage of Islamic culture to be used in academic works and it will reveal the methodological problems regarding the studies on Islamic civilization and will pave the way for solving them. Through these works, the academic problems and issues discussed at the Late Classical Period will be regained and put forward to the agenda of today’s academia. Thus, it will be possible to benefit from the accumulation of the past when identifying, analyzing, criticizing and solving the present problems and building the new era.  
The scope of the works related to this period will include works regarding Islamic studies, Islamic thought, the history of Islamic sciences, the arts in Islamic civilization, and finally comparative works about Islamic civilization and other civilizations. The projects will focus on Ottoman territories, sub-Saharan Africa, Indian subcontinent from the beginning of Delhi Sultanate and the Central Asia after the Mongol Invasion.  
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