The Project of the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam

T.D.V. Centre for Islamic Studies, which prepared and completed the 44-volume T.D.V. Encyclopedia of Islam after a hard work of 25 years in 2013, has been conducting another encyclopedia project titled “the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam.”
The concise encyclopedia aims to inform the average reader about Islamic knowledge, providing accurate and sufficient knowledge about the basics of Islam and its significant figures, especially the Prophets, and providing an Islamic point of view to modern problems. The encyclopedia also aims to do all of these with a clear-cut style which will convey the message of Islam in the most correct way. In addition to these, this new encyclopedia will focus on satisfying the educational and religious needs of Muslim minority populations who live together with different religions and cultures.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, which is due to consist of five or six volumes and include approximately 1500 articles, will not be a summary encyclopedia of the 44-volume T.D.V. Encyclopedia of Islam. The articles chosen from this encyclopedia is rewritten in terms of content, language and style considering the needs and the expectations of the target-language speaking readers and their traditional understanding of Islam. Additionally, new articles which do not exist in the T.D.V. Encyclopedia of Islam are added to this new encyclopedia in accordance with the local needs and expectations.
While the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam is still being written in Turkish, its translation into Russian has also been launched at the same time. The Russian translation of the work is conducted with the cooperation of Russian Islamic Foundation for Supporting Culture, Science and Education (FPIKNO) and coordinated by Moscow Institute of Islam. The Russian translation of the first volume of the Encyclopedia will be completed and published in 2014.





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