New Works From the Late Classical Period Project

Two works belonging to the discipline of qalam, which have been prepared under the academic control of the Critical Edition Publication Board of ISAM within the scope of the Late Classical Period Project, have been published lately by way of Beirut centered institution Dar Ibn Hazm and have been presented to the academic circles:

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•   Nûreddin es-Sâbûnî (d. 580/1184), el-Kifâye fi’l-hidâye, edit. Muhammed Aruçi, Beirut: Dar Ibn Hazm, 1435/2014, 432+38 p. ISBN: 978-614-416-454-9.

•   Nûreddin es-Sâbûnî (d. 580/1184), el-Müntekā min ismeti’l-enbiyâ, edit. Mehmet Bulut, Beirut: Dar Ibn Hazm, 1435/2014, 331+28 p. ISBN: 978-614-416-453-2.

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Within the scope of this project, a compilation work about Fakhraddin ar-Razi, who was the first and the most influential figure of the Late Classical Period, was firstly published:

•   Fakhraddin ar-Razi in the Transformation Age of Islamic Thought, ed. Osman Demir - Ömer Türker, Istanbul: ISAM Publications, 2013, 635 pages, ISBN 978-605-4829-09-5.





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