Russian Islamic Foundation for Supporting Culture, Science and Education visited ISAM

After completing the 44-volume TDV Encyclopedia of Islam, ISAM has launched another encyclopedia project named “the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam”. It is planned that this new encyclopedia, which is being translated into Russian with the cooperation of Russian Islamic Foundation for Supporting Culture, Science and Education (FPIKNO) since 2010, will be of 5 or 6 volume and include 1500 articles.
The committee from the FPIKNO, which came to Turkey as a guest of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, visited our center on 1 May 2014 to negotiate the project of the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam and the potentiality of new co-operations. The committee included the chairman of the executive board of FPIKNO, Shafig Pshikhachev, general manager of the foundation and some other executives.
The President of ISAM Prof. M. Akif Aydın, and the vice presidents Dr. Tuncay Başoğlu and Dr. Ali Hakan Çavuşoğlu welcomed the committee and informed them about the projects and activities of ISAM. After the both sides evaluated the ongoing works done for the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam as a co-project, it was decided that the first volume of the encyclopedia is to be completed in 2014 and to be published in Moscow.
In the meeting, the potentiality of new co-operations was also discussed and it has been decided that some of the publications of ISAM apart from the encyclopedia can be translated into Russian within the scope of a common project.

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