87th volume of Contents of Recently Arrived Journals has been completed
83th volume of our periodical Contents of Recently Arrived Journals, which includes the ‘Contents’ of the periodicals in foreign languages that ISAM continuously follows and which is published triannually, has come out. All of the volumes of this periodical, the first volume of which was published in 1994, are available in PDF format.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam has been Published in Eight Volumes

The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam which has been published in eight volumes after ten years of work by Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM) to reach out the general audience with the accurate knowledge about Islam’s basic principles, concepts, and figures in a comprehensive manner.

A NEW BOOK from the Series of Scholarly Researches!

In this book, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kâfi Dönmez makes comparisons between Islamic Law and Western Law and examines the main views of certain Muslim scholars regarding the methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence and public benefit (maqasid). Dirāsāt fiqhiyya wa ‘Uṣūliyya edited by Assoc. Prof. Tuncay Başoğlu has been presented to the readers’ use by ISAM publications as part of the Series of Scholarly Researches.

A NEW BOOK as part of the Project of Late classics

Assist. Prof. M. Taha Boyalık’s book titled el-Keşşâf Literatürü: Zemahşerî’nin Tefsir Klasiğinin Etki Tarihi has been published by Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM) as part of the project of Late Classics.

A NEW BOOK as part of the Project of Late Classics Period!

Şeyh Bedreddin’s (d. 820/1417-18) book in the field of Islamic law titled al-Tashīl Sharḥu Laṭāif al-Ishārāt edited by Dr. Mustafa Bülent Dadaş has been published by TDV ISAM as part of the Project of Late Classics Period.

Six joint publications by Presidency of Religious Affairs and ISAM!

The following books which were previously published by ISAM have been jointly republished by Presidency of Religious Affairs and ISAM and presented to the public’s benefit: Nur al-Dīn al-Ṣābūnī’s, al-Kifāya (ed. Prof. Muhammet Aruçi) and al-Muntaqā (ed. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bulut), Muhammed b. Maḥmūd al-Isfaḥānī’s Kitāb al-Qawāid al-Kulliyya (ed. Dr. Mansur Koçinkağ - Dr. Bilal Taşkın), Mehmed Fiqhī al-‘Aynī’s Risāla fī Adab al-Muftī (ed. Prof. Dr. Osman Şahin), Kāsım b. Kutluboğa’s Kitābu Taqrīb al-Gharīb (ed. Assist. Prof. Osman Keskiner) and Muḥammad b. Ḥasan al-Mu‘īnī’s Lawāmi‘ al-Burhān (ed. Dr. Sefer Hasanov).

İslâm Araştırmaları Dergisi / Turkish Journal of Islamic Studies, Issue 42, Year 2019
NEW ISSUE! Journal of Ottoman Studies (54, 2019)
New issue of Journal of Ottoman Studies, joint work of ISAM and İstanbul 29 Mayıs University, has been published.
A New Book From Late Classical Period Project

Yūsuf b. Hilāl al-Safedī’s (d. 696/1296) tafsir book Kashf al-asrār wa-hatk al-astār which is critically edited by Prof. Dr. Bahattin Dartma has been published by TDV ISAM within the scope of Late Classical Period Project.
It has been published by Irshad Publications in Beirut simultaneously as its publication in Istanbul.

New Issue! ISAM Bulletin
The 45th issue of ISAM Bulletin, which is about the activities of ISAM in 2018, has been published
A NEW BOOK from the ISAM Publications

Assoc. Prof. Mesut Kaya’s Çağdaş Tefsirlerde İsrâiliyat Eleştirisi (the Criticism of Isrāiliyyāt in Modern Books of Qur’anic Exegesis) in which the author deals with various issues such as historical process of Isrāiliyyāt both terminologically and contextually in Islamic literature, the biases against Isrāiliyyāt in modern age and their influence on shaping the perception of Isrāiliyyāt, criticisms towards Isrāiliyyāt and the factors bringing about those criticisms, and whether or not those criticisms are consistent, has been published by ISAM.

Facsimile Edition of the oldest, full-text Sahīh al-Bukhari copy

Imam Bukhari’s hadith work al-Cāmiʿu’s-Sahīh recognized in the name of Sahīh al-Bukhari, is the oldest and full-text copy of the manuscript in the world, discovered intact and published as facsimile edition within the scope of Early Classical Period Project of Centre for Islamic Studies and with the cooperation of Manuscript Institution of Turkey.

A NEW BOOK from the Project of Late Classical Period!

Şeyh Bedreddin: Bir Osmanlı Fakihi (Sheikh Bedreddin: An Ottoman Jurist), the book written by Dr. Mustafa Bülent Dadaş as a PhD thesis to analyze Sheikh Bedreddin’s views on fiqh (Islamic law) in the light of his book al-Tasḥīl has been published by ISAM as part of the Project of Late Classical Period.

A NEW CRITICAL EDITION from the Project of Late Classical Period!

The critical edition of Kitāb Taqrīb al-Gharīb, the book written by famous Hanafi jurist and hadith scholar Qāsim ibn Kutluboga on the science of “gharīb al-hadith” and edited by Assist.Prof. Osman Keskiner has been published by TDV ISAM under the Project of Late Classical Period.




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